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Putting your best face forward, or, why it’s a bad idea to go to court wearing a concert t-shirt

Just like those websites that show people in Wal-Mart, it never ceases to amaze me how people dress when coming to court.  I mean, really, a judge can put you in jail, take away your child, give your spouse half of your belongings, foreclose on your mortgage, and you think the court is impressed by you looking like you are ready for the UFC world championships?

I had a hearing today with a client who is a stock trader, an industry where, arguably, image is very important. This client is always well put together sartorially and also has a respectful and businesslike manner.  More importantly, this particular client knows how to listen and answer only what he is asked for.

Imagine that you are at a job interview and, when asked by the interviewer what you think your job strengths are, you tell him how much
money you made at your last job. That may sound funny but that’s how it seems in court sometimes.  People get asked a question by a judge, and they answer something entirely different.

Treat court like an interview. Dress like it’s the most important interview of your life.  That’s because it could be. Listen carefully and answer what’s asked, not what you want to answer.

That’s where lawyers come in.  We can give you the “edge” of telling you in advance what a judge will probably ask and how you should answer.  Not to meantion, we’ll tell you how to dress.  Call us before you end up looking like an idiot in front of a judge.