50-50 (Rotating) custody is becoming all the rage

The current trend in the law is to give parents equal timeshare, that is, “50/50” time with the kids. We lawyers call this “rotating” custody. More and more parents are agreeing to rotating custody, more and more psychologists are agreeing that it’s best for the kids, and more and more judges are awarding it. However, that doesn’t mean it’s best for your kids or that the judge will award it in your case. There are many factors that judges look at when deciding if rotating custody is in the best interest of your children. For instance, do the divorced parents live close together? Do the parents get along? How old are the kids? (Older kids do better with rotating custody, at least until about the time they start driving.) Are both parents good about getting the kids to school on time and making sure the homework gets done? These are just a few of the factors judges look at when deciding if rotating custody is appropriate.

Rotating custody is definitely the “in” thing lately, so make sure you discuss it with your lawyer.

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